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Waste and recycling

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Find a recycling centre

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Opening hours and locations of recycling centres.

Recycling A-Z


What householders can recycle and where.

Non-household waste costs

sink that has been thrown away

Information about the charges for non-household waste

Van and trailer e-permits

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Apply for a free recycling centre e-permit

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Van and trailer permit

You can apply online for a free e-permit to use a van or trailer at the waste recycling centres.
Find out more about Van and trailer permit

Van permits
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Recycle your food waste

Help us turn more food waste into energy to power our homes
Find out more about Energy from waste

Energy from waste

Fed up of junk mail?

Find out how the Mailing Preference Service can help you limit the amount of direct mail you receive, and get other useful waste reduction tips.

Find out more about Junk mail

Junk mail
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Waste electrical equipment

You can take household electrical items to Oxfordshire's waste recycling centres for recycling.
Find out more about Waste electrical equipment

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