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Apply for a school place

Combe Primary School children

Apply online for a primary or secondary school place

In year school transfer

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How to apply to move between schools.

Term dates and holidays


Holiday and term dates for Oxfordshire schools.

School closures

Closed sign

Up-to-date list of closed or partially closed schools.

Children playing trumpets

Burford Institute of Music

Does your child attend primary school in the Burford Partnership? Burford Institute of Music provides lessons, an ensemble and transport.
Find out more about Burford Institute of Music

Burford partnership
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Moving or changing schools

Guidance on in-year transfer if you are moving or changing to another school during term time.
Find out more about Moving or changing schools

Changing school
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Appealing for a school place

You may appeal for a place at the school you want if you have not been offered a place.
Find out more about Appealing for a school place

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